Checklist: Are you a snorer?


About 20 million Germans suffer from sleeping disorders, 8 million of them having a “non-restorative” sleep.

Persons belonging to the high-risk group are:

  • Men between 30 - 60
  • Women after menopause
  • Babies
  • Professional drivers
  • Shift workers


Data and facts:

30% of men are snoring at the age of 30, 60% at the age of 60.

10% of women are snoring at the age of 30, 40% at the age of 60.

If you belong to one of the risk groups, if you know you’re suffering from snoring or the described symptoms, you should consult your doctor or TAP® partner.

Your answers to the below questions will help your doctor to consult you. It will help him to evaluate whether you’re a “harmless” or a “dangerous” snorer. If you have problems in answering all questions clearly, talk to your partner. He (or she) may know something about it. 

Do you snore every night –even when you have not drunk any alcohol     
Does your snoring annoy your partner?     
Did anyone discover any respiratory standstills during your sleep?     
Do you feel tired and crabby in the mornings?     
Do you wake up in the morning with a headache?     
Do you have heart palpitations? Do you feel any trepidation in the night?     
Do you feel restricted in your mental or physical fitness?     
Do you get tired several times a day without knowing the reason for it?     
Do you have problems concentrating?     
Do you suffer from high blood pressure and do you take medication for it?     
Are you overweight?    
Do you have nightmares?    
Do you suffer from night sweats?     
Do you feel the sudden need to urinate during the night?     
Do you suffer from sexual problems (impotence or decreased libido)?     
Do you get irritated easily/ feel unable to cope?     
Did you or your partner notice any change in personality?     
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